Thursday, March 17, 2011

Playing Frankenstein - Experiment 1

OK folks, this is it.

Here are the essential rules. For a more informative summary, please see my original post.

1. Five words or less.
2. Complete sentences.
3. One entry per player.
4. Present tense.
5. Compound words acceptable so long as they appear in the dictionary.
6. Focus on given character (no addition of third uncles etc).
7. Only five entries after Tenzil Kem's (subsequent entries will be deleted).

TK kinda cheated on his line (jeez, it's only the first round, and already he's getting carried away!) by using compound words, but I'm glad he did, because it made me realise I should add another rule. (Technically 'leopardskin' should be hyphenated, but I'll let him get away with it just this once. And one could argue that because 'Ebony Charisse' is her name it doesn't really count as two words.) I really want to keep the list of rules to a minimum, but obviously I need to make a compromise between excessive order, and complete chaos. And once people know the rules they should be pretty easy to remember.

I've decided to try this without having to approve each comment. That way everyone can see when the first five entries are posted and they won't be wasting their time adding already illegitimate entries. I'll see how it goes, but if the spam gets out of control I'll have to change the settings.

Without any further ado, let the game begin!

Tenzil Kem proclaims:

Ebony Charisse wears leopardskin miniskirts.


  1. OK, that's five. No more entries this week. I'll try to draw Ebony Charisse over the weekend.