Monday, March 14, 2011

Allow Me to Introduce...


Actually, anyone looking at this probably doesn't need an introduction. Most of you are probably just thinking, 'well it's about time he got his own damn blog, the lazy git!'

Nor, I suspect, is it necessary to explain why I started it. Obviously I intend to post pretty pictures here. Or perhaps not-so-pretty pictures. Which I guess everyone is waiting to see. So enough of my babbling, let's get to the important stuff.

I'll try to post random bits and pieces regularly, but to begin with...

I felt it necessary to present something special for my grand opening. Thus, I give you a resurrection. The resurrection of a game affectionately known as Playing Frankenstein . (Or as I sometimes like to think of it, Playing FrankenSTURSTEIN.) I can't take credit for this, so I won't. Playing Frankenstein is the brainchild of writer Kevin McKay, better know online as Tenzil Kem. A top bloke. If TK were campaigning for Ruler of the World he'd definitely get my vote. Anyway, now that I've embarrassed the poor bugger, let me explain his idea.

It's essentially collective character creation. Each player adds a trait, and once we have a description I draw the character. Pretty simple, huh? Naturally, rules were implemented to keep things running smoothly, but we've tried to keep those as simple as possible. The original rules were:

1. Five words or less.
2. Complete sentences.
3. One entry per player.
4. Present tense.

I've decided to add a couple more, just to prevent things from getting out of control.

5. Focus on given character (no addition of third uncles etc)
6. Only five entries after Tenzil Kem's (subsequent entries will be deleted)

Hopefully the following examples will give some idea of what I mean by rule 5. One entry states "Connie loves riding golden dragons." That's probably about the limit. It suggests the dragon without demanding one actually be present. It leaves things open to my interpretation. Many of the entries from earlier characters describe physical attributes. While that's certainly not necessary, it's probably a good rule of thumb to follow.

Initially there was no limit to the number of entries, but we only had a small group playing, so it was never an issue. Here I have no idea how many players we'll get, and after a half dozen or so entries things start getting a little too challenging for my liking. So for now I'll limit it to 5 entries each round. The intention is to start a new character each week, but at this point I won't designate a set time or day. That way everyone should have a relatively even chance of submitting an entry within the first five posts. As stated above, any entries posted after the first five (regardless of how good they are) will be callously deleted. But there's no reason why they can't be reposted in the next round, so long as they're in the top five.

When we first started this game it took a few rounds to establish the necessary rules, so it's possible there might be some more fine-tuning this time around as well.

In terms of content, I think it goes without saying that we won't tolerate any sort of insensitivity to race, creed, colour, etc. Taking the piss and being silly is all part and parcel of Playing Frankenstein, and this blog in general, but we don't want any hating. (Unless it's directed toward the Twilight saga; feel free to hate that all you want.)

Anyone familiar with my work will no doubt be aware that I have no aversion to drawing dicks, tits or fannies (both British and American), and players of old took full advantage of that when adding their entries. Perverts. I'm not sure where I want to draw the line for mature content on this blog, so I'll see how things progress and add a filter if I deem it necessary. Let's just try to keep things relatively respectable, shall we? Nudity is fine, but let's not get into any weird sex type stuff, OK? I reserve the right to reject inappropriate entries. If I think an entry crosses the line I'll just delete it.

OK, I think that pretty much covers everything, so I'll kick things off by posting a few entries from the old site (it kinda dried up, and all the players wandered off). I couldn't decide between Connie and Amelia, so I'll just post them both. I think of all the existing characters Danielle is my favorite. Some of the old players delighted in anticipating and foiling each other's entries (thus the 'never naked' entry). And sometimes they'd just push my buttons by specifying things like 'large' breasts. And I should point out that the old site was maintained by squirrels, who for some reason developed a distinct dislike for me; thus the squirrel animosity in the last piece. I have nothing against squirrels in general.


Connie loves riding golden dragons.
She's deficient in social acumen.
She is morbidly obese.
She is never naked. NEVER.
She has elaborate face tattoos.
Her curves are dangerously elegant.
She is playing video games.
Her stomach has a face.
Her stomach face is crying.
Her scaly skin is green.
Her feet are fuschia hooves.

Amelia is a super hero.
She has knives for wings.
She is a futuristic gladiator.
She is tall and voluptuous.
She's pregnant.
She dances to phat beats.
She's hairy like Chewbacca.
She disagrees with your politics.
She's an Anarcho-Meritocratic-Pagan.
She is in constant ecstasy.

Danielle loves picking mushrooms.
She's barefoot, wearing a sundress.
Her tremendous fury manifests physically.
She's playing an axe guitar.
Her shredding solos shred faces.
She plays to lost souls.
The lost souls of musicians.
She is soaking wet.
Her teeth rattle from shivering.
Her sundress is white.
Her body's wrapped with snakes.

I added some notes on Danielle on the old site, and I couldn't resist including them here :)

Couple of things I need to clarify:

She's not soaking wet because it's been raining; she's soaking wet from the extreme exertion of hardcore rocking.

And she IS shivering from cold, but not because she's wet; it's because lost souls have a tendency to suck all warmth from their immediate surroundings.

Incidentally, she's not a squirrel hater. That squirrel was just mean.

And I can't believe no one thought to mention she's a lefty. Guess y'all were just taking that for granted.

There you have it. Sorry for the lengthy post, but that should pretty much explain how the game works. If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

I'll launch the first round, or 'take' later in the week, so keep your eyes peeled.


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  1. Ha! This is hilarious. And ridiculous, which is probably the point. Looking forward to playing.